After the experimental pro tem election I noticed that, unlike on some other SE sites, the Moderator Pro Tem Announcement has never been edited to reflect moderator changes. This self-answered Q&A is an attempt to piece together the history of Parenting moderators; edits are welcome.

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Timeline of Parenting moderators

2011-04-27: cabbey, HedgeMage, and Torben Gundtofte-Bruun are appointed

2011-07-19: HedgeMage became a Stack Exchange employee, Beofett is appointed

2013-12-13: cabbey and Torben Gundtofte-Bruun step down

2014-01-06: balanced mama and Karl Bielefeldt are appointed

2014-10-09: balanced mama steps down

2015-02-18: anongoodnurse and Rory Alsop are appointed, Beofett steps down

2015-04-17: Erica is appointed

2015-04-18: Karl Bielefeldt steps down

2018-05-15: Joe is elected, Erica steps down

2020-01-23: anongoodnurse steps down

2020-06-09: First election after graduation. Rory Alsop, SomeShinyObject and Stephie are elected. Joe didn’t chose to run and leaves the moderator team.

Details that remain unclear

  • Moderator page says that anongoodnurse was appointed 2015-12-08, not 2015-02-18.

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