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Too many presents from Grandma - is this bad for my child?

English present for a non-English child?

If I bought a present for a child and gave it to the parents and later they have a birthday party, do I get another gift?

All of the above examples are tagged by the way, not .

There exists a slight difference in meaning, but I'm not sure if it matters in the context of parenting (and we also have a special tag ).

Do we need both tags? And if not, which one should be kept?

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I suggest to keep only one of these tags. At least for our purposes, they are identical. This can easily be seen when, for example, looking at the questions tagged . Both expressions are used in the bodies of these questions. By having only one tag, we improve user experience, because you'll get all the relevant questions when searching for the tag, not just 50% of them.

I suggest to keep and make gifts its tag synonym. It's more clear and concrete. Gift is broader, e. g. the "gift of hope", and we already have another tag , so we are really fool-proof with . There is not much sense in a tag for present meaning now. Gifts is a bit shorter, though. Still, I think that presents is the better candidate.

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