Another miscellany of .

1) Soothe

We have 6 questions tagged .

I suggest to change it to , like or .

2) School

I'm a bit surprised to see that is being used rarely. 26 questions are tagged . I guess that school comes more natural to people because this is an international site. Other countries have different school systems and different names. And OPs may not feel the need to be that specific about the type of school.

I also came across with 5 questions. I could imagine its use in principle, but looking at the questions, should do the job.

3) Thumb-sucking

We have 7 questions tagged and

22 questions tagged .

The tag wiki excerpt of :

Questions about use of pacifiers, dummies, and thumb sucking

We even have two questions tagged and

So either

  1. get rid of (e. g. make it a synonym of ) or
  2. change the tage wiki excerpt of .

I'm rather in favor of option 2, since a tag specifically for thumb sucking makes sense and was already used several times. I'd rather restrict to artificial pacifiers.

Q1: Change to ?

Q2: Change to ?

Q3: Change to ?

Q4: Keep or change the tag wiki excerpt?

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    You come up with the best titles! :) I agree with all of your suggestions. Jul 4, 2019 at 14:53

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Q1: Change to ?

I suggest to change it to the -ing form as it's common on Parenting.SE (search for "ing") and also other stacks.

Q2: Change to ?

It seems that never gained traction and so doesn't fulfill its role as a filter for questions. You'll either miss out on the many -questions (searching for ), the few -questions (searching for ) or we'd have to add these two tags to questions (note that no more than 5 tags are allowed). Hence I believe we should only use .

Q3: Change to ?

Like above sounds good in theory, but there are few questions with it and even less where it seems spot on. is just doing fine here.

Q4: Keep or change the tag wiki excerpt?

I suggest to

  1. keep (enough questions for it to make sense as its own tag)
  2. change the tag wiki excerpt so it no longer includes thumb-sucking.

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