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Asking & Answering


Policy for voting

Rules and Quality Control vs. a Welcome to the community

Scope/On-Topic: General

Does Parenting.SE entertain frame-challenge answers? Do we argue the premise of a question?

What is our position with questions and answers that push a political viewpoint?

Are psychology and sociology based questions about parenting topics on-topic?

Is it acceptable for answers to suggest physical violence?

Scope/On-Topic: Medical

Medical questions: what is the line between on / off topic, and how should they be handled?

Are medical discussions allowed on Parenting?

Are questions about generic or fundamental medical information on-topic?

Scope/On-Topic: Pregnancy and Family Planning

Is family planning considered on-topic?

"Life before baby" doesn't fit in here; but is pretty important itself

Scope/On-Topic: Questions About Parents

Are questions regarding adult children/parent relationships on topic?

Manage my parents

Are questions about our relations with parents on topic?

Scope/On-Topic: Product Recommendations

What is our policy on product suggestions?

Asking for product recommendations

Scope/On-Topic: Money and Finance

Is the "Daycare and Taxes" question appropriate for this site?

Is a question about "the best" 529 on topic?

Scope/On-Topic: Who Can Ask

Can children ask questions here? If not where?

What should I do when a user self-identifies as being under 13?

Should we allow questions from the child's perspective?

Are questions that could be on topic, but asked without a parenting role, still on topic?



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