There's a new election process underway, and, as always, the 2022 Election page is up.

However, half of the links in there point to 2020 resources:

  • The first Election chat room link points to the one from 2020, which cannot be used because it's frozen. Last message posted 602 days ago.
  • The The candidates answer your questions link also points to the questionnaire from 2020.

Please notice that these are the "main" links in the post, and both are outdated.
There is another chat room link under Additional links, and another questionnaire link under Questionnaire, both of which look OK. But it is really confusing to have mixed links like that.

Could it be edited to either remove the old links, or put them in a "2020 resources" section at the end of the post?


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That was a remnant of the previous election system, where those links needed manual updating every time we ran a new election. As you noted, the other links below the fold were correct, as those are generated by the system since our dev team automated a lot of the election process.

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