These two tags appear to be synonymous. Should they be merged, or should the tag wiki for finance be defined in such a way as to be discrete and distinct from the money tag?

The Money tag is currently defined as:

Family finance, and how children learn to handle money.

Finance has no tag wiki entry currently.

Additionally, there is the tag: Pocket Money, which also has no wiki summary.

Should all three be merged into a single tag, with a wiki matching that of the current Money tag? Or is there reason to have a finer level of distinction (say separating family finance and budgeting from teaching children the value of money)?

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Yes, merge all 3 into Money and set tag synonyms up for the other tags pointing to Money. All three are effectively identical.

  • Just do it; this can't be all that controversial. Be sure to set up synonyms for the most obvious alternatives. Jul 31, 2011 at 19:42
  • When you do merge them, please be sure to put a link to money.stackexchange.com in the tag wiki -- some questions might be a better fit there than here. It's also linked in the FAQ. Aug 1, 2011 at 15:20

No, we should keep them as separate tags to indicate separate concepts.

The Money tag should have the wiki changed to "Money as it relates directly to children: allowances, learning how to handle money, gifts, etc.".

The Finance tag should have a wki entry indicating that it is for "Family finance, budgeting, and the overall costs associated with raising children".

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