I see that you have a teacher badge, but it would be nice if there was a signature or something that could be added if one is actually a teacher offline. Aside from my experience with my own child, I have the experience of ten years in the classroom and all the exposure to the many different types of children that come with it. I would like to know where other posters are coming from in terms of their real life experience as well. Something indicating #children, ages of children and any other related experience would be helpful to see on posts.

I thought the teacher badge was something more akin to this until I registered and learned more about what the badges really were.

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Badges don't indicate any real-life status of the user, professional or otherwise. The teacher badge is used by all sites in the StackExchange network, and it's an insignificant coincidence that its meaning overlaps here on Parenting.

The badges are meant a motivation to contribute, and as a symbol of thanks for past contributions and achievements. They indicate how active and appreciated a user is.

You can use the biographical description in your profile to mention anything you feel is relevant to your user profile -- which you have done.

  • I guess I wish there was a quicker view of such information on posts. I'm interested to know where some of the posters get their wonderful insight. Thanks though. I see others have asked similar questions. Jul 8, 2012 at 1:20

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