A suggestion was made in chat to add two new synonyms for : and .

Should these be added?

Should and be synonyms of each other, or should they cover discrete age ranges, much like , , , etc.?

Should either or both of those be made into a synonym for ?

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I feel that it would make sense to put them all in one bucket, so I agree with the proposed suggestion: make baby/child-proofing synonyms of safety.

We currently have 64 questions tagged safety. If we introduce baby/child-proofing as tags in their own right, then some of those existing questions need to be re-tagged. I see these options:

0 new tags: *-proofing are synonyms of safety.
Pro: no re-tagging needed, amount of content remains manageable.
Con: I can't think of any drawback. I don't see it as a problem that safety and *-proofing aren't separated.

1 new tag: child-proofing, with baby-proofing as a synonym.
Pro: ?
Con: Need to re-tag existing questions. Room for ambiguity on when to use this tag vs. safety, or when to use both.

2 new tags: child-proofing and baby-proofing are separate tags.
Pro: fine-grained.
Con: Too fine-grained; I don't see the need to separate them. Also, this would leave room for ambiguity on which one of the tags to use, and also when to add safety.

  • I took a look at the questions currently tagged safety. 9 of them are clearly about baby/child-proofing the home (one is a duplicate). 6 or 7 more are about safety specific to around the house, and could arguably be tagged baby/child-proofing. This seems to supports my belief that baby/child-proofing is a strict subset of safety (i.e. any question tagged baby/child-proofing would also be tagged safety, but not all safety questions would be tagged baby/child-proofing.
    – user420
    Apr 30, 2013 at 12:46

My opinion:

Yes, add .

should be a synonym of

Neither should be a synonym for .

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