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Closing Questions That Raise Issues You Disagree With

Sometimes questions arise in which the poster asks something like "How best to do X" when many people disagree that X should be done at all. Two recent examples come to mind. In one, the OP asked ...
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Is The SE Platform Appropriate For A Parenting Discussion Site?

One of the fundamental premises behind the SE platform is simply this: Ask a question, get an expert answer. Questions that cannot be answered are off-topic and not allowed. This can include ...
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What's the best strategy to combat soapboxing?

I realize that parenting is a very emotional subject for many here, but I'm seeing a concerning amount of: People responding to "How do I implement $parenting-strategy?" with answers that aren't ...
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Is it acceptable for answers to suggest physical violence?

Some questions mention the use of physical violence against children. Some answers recommend the use of physical violence. Physical violence is an abuse of the rights of the child. See article 19 ...
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How do we increase our questions per day?

Related: How do we boost participation? (June 2012) What is still needed to move this site out of Beta? (August 2012) Two year anniversary (March 2013) Why does the site continue to remain in Beta? (...
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Asker enforcing restrictions on answers - good or bad, allowed or not?

There are several questions on the site which attempt to enforce a certain way of answering, or require something specific in the answer. Examples: What are some do's and dont's for an ...
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When is an answer not an answer?

Recently a question was asked about if it was acceptable to ask a mother on a bus to control her overly-talkative daughter, and if so, how to do so. A highly-voted answer was flagged as "not an ...
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Does Parenting.SE entertain frame-challenge answers? Do we argue the premise of a question?

Situation Parenting Stack Exchange can be an extremely subjective environment to ask and answer questions. We have tailored our Tour, Help, and FAQs to guide new and existing users on the areas that ...
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Quick start guide

So, in chat and various comments/discussion I have had to learn a lot as a non-programmer just to navigate certain things. For example, right now I can use the B above the box to make words bold. I ...
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What should moderators do with answers that disagree with the premise of the question?

It seems there's been a lot of discussion and controversy lately over how moderators should (or should not) handle answers that stray from the question being asked (including "frame challenges&...
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What is our position with questions and answers that push a political viewpoint?

I have seen a couple of answers/questions that raise political viewpoints instead-of / in-addition-to regular Q/A, or try to slide that political view underneath an answer. This problem happens when ...
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On the Parenting forum, what's the important part of . . .

... a new post? Is it the question as stated, or the problem that's obvious? ... a response? Is it the question as stated, or the advice as given? I've not really posted in a while, been a few years ...
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Isn't "You're Wrong" an "answer"?

In reading the question and answers for How can I convince my parents to accept my approach on school?, I was surprised that the 2 which were deleted (as opposed to converted to comments) were deleted ...
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Was this edit handled appropriately?

Should I tell my 10-year old son, how screwed-up Cinderella is? Issue #1: A chunk of the answer was edited out. Problem: That edit shouldn't have been made. The editor put in a very nice comment ...
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What do we do when a popular answer doesn't seem to directly address the question?

We have a question that recently hit the "Hot Network Questions" list for the Stack Exchange platform. If you're not familiar with this list, it is displayed on the right side of the screen, and ...
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