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Should we allow questions from the child's perspective?

Here's a recent question that was off-topic as it was worded originally: My Homeroom teacher change my seat because my ugly math teacher complain to my homeroom teacher that I was always talking ...
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Would we accept questions *about* parents?

The act of parenting, by definition, is purely a parent->to->child process. As expected, this site is all about questions in that direction; questions about parents handling/raising dependents in one ...
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2 answers

Is a question about "the best" 529 on topic?

I have a toddler. We're trying to set up a college savings account (commonly a 529 in USA). There are a lot of factors in choosing which state to go through and I don't really understand the ...
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Parenting.SE is feeling a lot like Yahoo! Answers lately

I'm just looking at the first 10 questions on the Questions page and have noticed something unusual. 9 out of 10 of these questions are subjective, broad, and an invitation to discussion. Parenting....
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How to make a question about which job will allow our son to advocate for his calling and life mission on topic?

I asked the question What full-time, well-paying job fits my son who wants to advocate physician-assisted suicide? on Parenting.SE and it was closed and then deleted. It received an answer I found ...
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