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2 answers

Could someone explain bounties for me?

LINK I am honestly asking so that I understand. I think the bounty was awarded to the actual best answer -- so no problem and no complaint. I have 4 upvotes, the awarded answer has 2. It does not ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How should we handle users who are trying to mess with the system when they are unhappily leaving?

So I have noticed that there is a user (profile link) who has been posting a lot of large bounties recently. (See here, here and here). Upon further investigation, his profile description makes it ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Finding questions or answers that deserve bounties

I believe we have some answers that deserve more recognition, and possibly some questions that deserve a little more attention than they may have received. Bounties are one of the primary tools for ...
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2 answers

Can a bounty be somehow divided equally among two answers?

Assuming two answers are equally good can the mods somehow divide the bounty points among those answers. I don't wish to be unfair to the other equally good answer.
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