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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Why are links to are being automatically changed to links?

For example, see my answer to: What can I do to baby-proof my home entertainment system? This means the (second and third) links I posted don't actually work if you click on them. Is this deliberate,...
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Some links from the 2022 Election page point to 2020 resources

There's a new election process underway, and, as always, the 2022 Election page is up. However, half of the links in there point to 2020 resources: The first Election chat room link points to the one ...
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Broken Links in Help Center

On this page there are two links that go to a dead proposal. (Both of them say "this proposal", and one of them links to pedagogy, and the other to relationships). These should probably be cleaned ...
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1 vote
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Why do the main site stats say "99% answered"?

Under "Unanswered", it shows 0 questions are unanswered, so shouldn't it be 100%? Are you using other numbers I've missed?
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1 answer

Review count showing but no reviews awaiting

Why am I being told there are reviews awaiting here: When in fact there isn't: I've just recently got access to mod tools so maybe I'm missing something but this does seem like a bug.
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Bug in review queue?

When I click on the review queue, often there are items in two categories to review. When I finish one queue, however, and click on "view all review queues", the list then comes up empty for all ...
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Why can't I edit this question?

I was doing a little site perusal and wanted to make a few edits to this question but the edit link is disabled. It seems to be only for this one question; I submitted edits for a different question ...
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Bug: cannot upvote [closed]

I am trying to upvote Beofett's answer on How should I help my 9years old son to get back on TAG program The first time I did it, I got a red box with an error message saying 'error processing ...
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100 reputation, yet cannot answer protected question (reputation > 10)

I have a reputation of 100 (by virtue of being trusted on other sites). However, I cannot answer the following protected question How can I make my kids passionate in science while being religious? ...
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1 answer

The answers appear to be in date not vote order

Looking at the answers to some old questions this morning, they don't seem to be in vote order. For example: {
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I do have more than 10 points of reputation on this site - 103 currently. How can I add an answer? [duplicate]

This question is protected: My 13-year-old son made a foolish and wasteful donation. How can I teach him he was wrong? I do have more than 10 points reputation on this site - 103 currently, so why is ...
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1 answer

Suggested edit did not show in review queue

Today I checked the review page and noticed there are no items. Cool. Then I browsed a question, just to see this: Puzzled, I checked the review again, went to https://parenting.stackexchange....
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1 answer

Are traffic statistics and analytics broken for Parenting?

On a whim today I decided to look at the site analytics for Parenting. Most things appeared to be about where I thought they would (new questions, answers, votes, etc.). But the traffic analytics ...
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