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Chat Room Deletion?

I have noticed that no one is really active in The Playground anymore. Should we delete it, Freeze it, or leave it up for a little while longer?
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How should Parenting's chat room be named?

The voting in the previous question was in favor of changing the name of Parenting's chat room. So now you can post suggestions for a new name and vote on them to choose the winner. There needn't be ...
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2 answers

Keep this site's chat room's name or change it?

Chat rooms of other sites have oftentimes witty names, e. g. Interpersonal Skills has The Awkward Silence, Academia got The Ivory Tower and The Workplace offers its users The Water Cooler. On the one ...
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How do I invite a user to talk in chat?

I am concerned with a poster's question on feeding problems and want them to feel supported even if the question is put on hold. Is this okay from the community 'rules' point of view?
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I have not asked any questions, but not because I think I have all the answers!

Is it okay to ask opinion-based questions? For example, I'd love to discuss reward systems, discipline and allowances. There are other subjects that interest me as well. If I ask: How much should ...
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How do I initiate a chat?

I would like to initiate a chat related to I would not like to analyze the OP in the ...
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Please join us for discussing video games and Autism! [closed]

We've talked in the past about having featured chat events. We now have our first topic! Please feel free to visit our chat room to address the following: Disclaimer: I realize that a lot of ...
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What would be good topics for chat events?

Although the two chat-event-related meta questions (1) (2) have not yet received very many answers, the chat room itself has been chock full of topic suggestions recently. It's a gold mine! I think we ...
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3 answers

Is there significant interest in topic-driven chat discussions?

There have been a couple of topics that have come up recently that seem to be of particular relevance to our site. One of the topics is the recent announcement of a new AAP policy regarding media ...
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Should we have a regular chat event of our own?

Over in DIY, we have a regular chat event that happens weekly, where ostensibly we talk about projects that participants are working on. (Lots and lots of pictures!) The conversation usually meanders ...
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Can/should we promote more use of the chat room?

Has anyone an opinion on whether chat room use can help a new SE site grow? If it does make a difference, how can we encourage users to make use of the chat room?
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