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Are historical questions about parenting on-topic?

Would historical questions about parenting in times past be acceptable here? For example, suppose I want to ask about the typical weaning age in 1850's Russia, what kind of chores were typical for a ...
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Please help me improve this question, perhaps by suggesting drastic edits if minor edits will not suffice

On the strategy of comparing parents to supervisors/bosses/employers It seems to be closed 'because this is not a question about parenting', but, ostensibly, i'm asking about parenting strategies. I'm ...
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Limits of subjectivity

This Meta post comes out of Erica's request for discussion on this question ("How should one handle a teen runaway who has shown up with a tale of woe?"). It seems to me that most questions on ...
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Is a question about discussion agnosticism with a religious parent a duplicate?

A recent question How do I tell my Mom I'm Agnostic? was closed as a duplicate. We've actually got three older questions that cover the topic of conflicting religions between children and parents. ...
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When is a seed question too bad?

Seed questions are questions about hypothetical situations. Any user may post them, and they often receive really great answers and increase the value of this site -- that is the purpose of seed ...
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Is it really necessary to close questions based on it being subjective and argumentative regarding parenting?

I was just amazed to see that a question got closed, on the grounds that it is subjective and argumentative. If this is really the case, you might just close the complete site. If anything in life is ...
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