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Can't answer protected question though I have 101 rep? [duplicate]

How should a parent advise a child who wants to become a musician even though he is devoid of talent? This question doesn't seem to let me answer. I know it's protected, but I have 101 rep.
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Why are comments restricted until a user reaches 50 rep?

What is the precise reasoning behind this practice? For instance, why would this encourage "better" participation or lead to more meaningful responses than restricting all contribution to other users'...
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I do have more than 10 points of reputation on this site - 103 currently. How can I add an answer? [duplicate]

This question is protected: My 13-year-old son made a foolish and wasteful donation. How can I teach him he was wrong? I do have more than 10 points reputation on this site - 103 currently, so why is ...
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Questions should bring more reputation on parenting

This site lacks questions. And as with all sites on SO, questions have generally less votes than answers. While I am not a great fan of the whole reputation system, I think that in this particular ...
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