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Please help me improve this question, perhaps by suggesting drastic edits if minor edits will not suffice

On the strategy of comparing parents to supervisors/bosses/employers It seems to be closed 'because this is not a question about parenting', but, ostensibly, i'm asking about parenting strategies. I'm ...
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Why are questions that ask for unbounded personal anecdotes allowed here?

I was very surprised to see this question not only unclosed, but with answers from two mods here: To have or not to have a second child? I am seeking the experiences from parents out there who have ...
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Why was this question protected?

A question recently hit the Hot Network Questions list. I noticed that it was recently protected. The normal reasons for protecting a question are to stop an influx of low-quality answers or non-...
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What's the deal with this question's stats?

My pre-schooler is out of control, and I feel like my parents are undermining my relationship and authority with her This question has been viewed 10k times and has been asked only 2 days ago. What ...
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