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100 reputation, yet cannot answer protected question (reputation > 10)

I have a reputation of 100 (by virtue of being trusted on other sites). However, I cannot answer the following protected question How can I make my kids passionate in science while being religious? ...
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Can we remove auto-bold for an entire post?

Bold on Parenting.SE is applied automatically to all text for a Question and Answer after some short period of time, making bold effectively useless for us. Since when a question is rather new, the ...
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Why can't I edit this question?

I was doing a little site perusal and wanted to make a few edits to this question but the edit link is disabled. It seems to be only for this one question; I submitted edits for a different question ...
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The answers appear to be in date not vote order

Looking at the answers to some old questions this morning, they don't seem to be in vote order. For example: {
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Why do the main site stats say "99% answered"?

Under "Unanswered", it shows 0 questions are unanswered, so shouldn't it be 100%? Are you using other numbers I've missed?
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