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Use our chat room!

The comment feature is very useful to request clarifications on questions and answers with the goal of improving the quality and value of the commented question or answer. It's less useful for ...
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What can an SE participant do when s/he feels personally attacked by a specific moderator?

What can an SE participant do when s/he feels personally attacked by a specific moderator? I am posing this question, and will be answering it myself, based on my own experience, in the hopes that it ...
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Over-editing of post

I feel over-edited in this thread: How best to take advantage of a child's extended vacation I don't feel comfortable writing instructions to this OP in the style, Do this, do that. It is more ...
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Manage my parents

My parents are approaching their golden years. Is how to manage your parents in scope on this site? There is a message on what I have tried to meet quality standards. It is just a simple question. ...
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Can children ask questions here? If not where?

I am an adult. On a non-Stack-Exchange forum, a child is asking for advice on an interaction with their parents. I thought to redirect them here. Is there an age limit for participation in Stack ...
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Can we see a plot of our site's Area 51 stats over time?

Our Area 51 statistics have always been excellent, except for "questions per day" which continues to linger around 1-3 q/day. But this is only a snapshot of right now. It would be interesting to see ...
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Can't answer protected question though I have 101 rep? [duplicate]

How should a parent advise a child who wants to become a musician even though he is devoid of talent? This question doesn't seem to let me answer. I know it's protected, but I have 101 rep.
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Any recent changes to editable sections of the Help Center?

Are there any recent changes to editable sections of the Help Center on Parenting.SE? See this thread about the related changes on Stack Overflow: Feedback and suggestions for editable section of ...
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How do you migrate a question?

Do I need a certain privilege to be able to migrate my (or someone else's) question to a different stack exchange site?
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Are answers like this really unwanted here on Parenting.SE?

So, I wrote an answer (-3/+2 I think, or -4/+3) which sparked some disagreement and I am trying to understand whether answers of this type are actually unwelcome or whether this is just an issue of ...