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How can we convert visitors into users?

I became a semi-active user after seeing an interesting question on Hot Network Questions, for which I had an answer to offer. The 30-ish upvotes it got over the next couple of days were pretty ...
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How can we convert visitors into users?

I visit every once and a while, but have been turned off by answers from ordinary peoples gut feelings - rather than from experts. This site has the same problem that fitness.stackexchange suffers ...
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“‘sex’ Questions” shows up as a quick-link when I Google “parenting stack exchange”

This is less about Parenting.SE, and more about what searches are incredibly common on Google. Because Stack Exchange is very highly rated by Google, and we do have some questions involving sexuality ...
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How can we convert visitors into users?

I don't have access to the Google Analytics site stats, but I would expect that a lot of the views on Parenting come from people searching the internet for answers to their questions, reading the ...
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What did you think of our question asking contest?

I had no idea that a competition was active. I asked my first question here in Aug 2011. That's obviously sub optimal. :-/ This is not the first time that SE employees have given special attention to ...
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