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Are we as welcoming a site as you want Parenting.SE to be?
6 votes

What can we do to avoid causing users to feel unwelcome here? Great question! I think the best way to help people feel welcome is to take out all the judgmentalism. This is a site where ...

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Expected child's relationship and reactions to parents' activity on Parenting.SE
0 votes

I am careful to use a pseudonym online, always, to protect my children's privacy. My children know this. My children are currently 22 and 14 and they aren't very interested in what I write on SE or ...

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What can an SE participant do when s/he feels personally attacked by a specific moderator?
Accepted answer
0 votes

I tried a lot of things that didn't work. Flagging, defending myself, patiently explaining my point of view ad nauseum, request that the other moderators in the same SE site take a look at the ...

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How can the commenting policy be made more consistent?
-5 votes

The question is, how can the comment policing practices be made more consistent? Perhaps it would be helpful to add some material about comments at https://parenting.stackexchange.com/help/...

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