Kevin van Zyl

I like to have brainstorming sessions with team members and clients alike. A hands-on approach always feels right. Exploring possibilities and scenarios, or hashing out some new features and planning our deliverables, by combining our efforts, always gives the best results. I see the importance of following well, as much as taking the lead when the time calls for it. As a fullstack developer I enjoy taking on different roles and responsibilities, and having a high-level perspective of the system as a whole.

Software development is a creative outlet in many ways for me. I think us developers tend to identify as people, with our career, more than many other professions and our self-actualisation needs are often very important. The product one works on is an important factor in your motivation although any developer should expect to work on the less demanding or maybe legacy products and still feel highly motivated by the challenge it presents. Each experience sharpens our abilities to intuit problems and find better paths to solving them.

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