Mike de Klerk

Its not about me, it is probably about you. I often give answers that invoke unpleasant feelings. Where do they come from, those feelings? Do I put them inside your body/brain? No of course not, they reside from within you. Because it conflicts with your view on how things should be or are. But would they feel unpleasant if you wrote them in language you couldn't understand? What is invoked by what I write is invoked by the consciousness that interprets it. Do I care if someone calls me an asshole when walking on the street? As long has he forms no threat, I couldn't care less but hoping for him to grow up. You see? It aren't the words that cause the effect, its how you deal with it. And if that causes unpleasant feelings, than that is an indicator of "something must change". You feel unpleasant when an elephant steps on your foot, something must change. You (may) feel unpleasant when people say something to you that you interpret as "Do you say I am doing something wrong here?". If so, than something must change. Not me, but you. If you would say to me "You love your child too much, that ain't right", so you imply that I am doing something wrong, I wouldn't not feel unpleasant. I understand that you need to understand the concept of love as there is no thing as 'loving too much'. You see? this about me isn't about me, it is about you, and your progress of growing up. I don't care about upvotes or downvotes. I only care whether it contributes something to 'awakening' you.

I care about leaving you contents that you have to chew one, that nags your ego, making it face your fears, until you conquer your fears, dissolving your ego and becoming love as a result.

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