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What should moderators do with answers that disagree with the premise of the question?
-2 votes

Another view: If an answer to the question does not support the premise of the question and provides justification to an alternative answer (which does not otherwise violate community standards), the ...

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what to do about overreaching moderation?
10 votes

In my experience moderators moderate moderators. Not much can be done from mere mortals' positions. That leaves you with 2 choices: 1) voice your views and hope they'll be considered or 2) do not ...

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Bug: cannot upvote
1 votes

I can't post this as a comment, so I am posting as an answer. I had not upvoted his answer as of reading this, so I opened IE 11, logged in, visited the URL, opened the dev tools, then upvoted. The ...

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Let's get critical: Aug 2014 Site Self-Evaluation
1 votes

My experience with is that there are some awesome regulars who ask questions because they care about their children a lot and want to find the best for them... that there are a lot of one-...

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What did you think of our question asking contest?
4 votes

The analysis of the contest would not be nearly as useful without the significant effort of user3143 who demonstrated a passion for parenting and treated this contest for its true purpose, a study. ...

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Is it acceptable for answers to suggest physical violence?
-4 votes

There are times when force is necessary and appropriate. Those times must be very carefully weighed before the application of force. This is true of children and adults. While I was literally beat ...

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