I am an active user on Cognitive Sciences, and in the midst of establishing a tag on , stumbled upon the section of your FAQ advertising "sister sites" on the exchange.

We would like to offer our site as a resource for asking child psychology and developmental psychology questions that might be on your users' minds, but are too theoretical to be on-topic for Parenting. The only minor limitation is that we discourage "self-help" questions, as those would be best answered by a professional.

Our tag is fairly active, with 24 questions, including:

Our tag is just getting started, but includes:

We have an existing question on our Meta about getting involved, so you are certainly welcome to leave your comments or concerns on this question or that one.

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I have updated our faq to reflect the wording suggested in the accepted answer on the cogsci.se meta question.

If either the Cogsci.se or Parenting.se communities feel the wording should be tweaked further, we can certainly discuss and edit as needed.

  • Excellent! We had made a note on our parenting tag that refers to your site, so hopefully everyone seeking information can find what they need.
    – user2795
    Jun 28, 2012 at 20:08

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